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A little update!

Welcome to Bygones Be.

Every living being has one thing in common; our hearts have the same set amount of beats. If one dies without using up all of theirs, the remaining heartbeats will begin life anew as bygones. Mal Resmond works with them, helping them with their problems in a world where most people don’t know that they exist… Bygones Be is an all-ages story about good food, uncanny creatures and helping those in need. It's made by William Lillstjärna and updates every Friday and Wednesday (CET).

Short hiatus

I've been swamped with non-comic related work lately and I haven't been able to draw much. Because of this, there won't be an update tomorrow, and possibly not next week either.

Bygones Be will be back on December 1st at the very latest. Sorry for the short notice and as always, thank you for your support! You are the best readers anyone could ask for.

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Welcome to Bygones Be! Please enjoy your stay.

This comic also has a tumblr, so you can follow it there too if you want!

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